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Ergonomics and Moving Services for a Safe Move

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If you are in the process of moving, you suddenly become very aware of how much stuff you have! Whether you have a lot or a little, you will probably have at least a few items that are going to be tricky or heavy to move. Here at The Moving Squad, we want to make your move as easy as possible with our moving services, whether you are staying within your current town or are looking at a cross-country move. Here are a few great tips for staying safe while lifting and moving your belongings.

professional movers and moving services

  • Know your limits and respect them. There is nothing wrong with admitting that a box or piece of furniture is too heavy for you to lift! Recognize when you are out of your scope of capabilities and get some professionals to take over. This will ensure you aren’t injured when trying to move.
  • Utilize smart tools and movers. Movers are professionally trained on the smartest ways to lift and shift furniture without getting hurt. Using pros for your heaviest items might be a wise decision! Otherwise, be careful to avoid lifting with your back. Use tools like easy-lifting straps, furniture dollies and professional movers and moving services.
  • Never lift and twist. Lifting furniture should never come from lifting with your back and should never involve a twisting of your trunk. This is a quick way to strain and injure your back!
  • Pack and label wisely. Books are heavy, so label them as such! Whether you use a certain color or a patterned tape, make the boxes that you know are going to be heavy, like books or dishes, stand out.

For more help, contact us today for moving services. We can help ensure that you have a safe move!