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Moving? Don’t Forget Your Essential Moving Supplies

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Moving can be a bit overwhelming, to say the least. Because of this, many people forget to purchase the essential moving supplies prior to moving day. This typically results in a frantic tip to the nearest store to buy whatever they have on hand so that you can get going. If you would like to avoid this potential frustration, check out the rest of this article, where our team of experts has listed all of the essential moving supplies needed for any essential move.

Moving? Don’t Forget Your Essential Moving Supplies

  • Boxes. The most obvious of all of the moving supplies is boxes. You will need boxes of all shapes and sizes for your move. Pro tip: Be sure to not pack your boxes too heavy.
  • Packing tape. A moving supply list would not be complete without packing tape. Be sure to get the strong stuff; cheap packing tape can cause major problems with those heavy boxes. We also highly recommend purchasing the tape that is on the user-friendly dispenser/cutter.
  • Markers. Having your boxes labeled makes the unpacking job much easier; be sure to include markers in your moving supplies. Many people love the classic, giant, black Sharpie.
  • Your must-have personal items. Moving supplies are pretty easy, but we find that people often forget to purposefully keep track of their must-have personal items during the business of a move. This will include your cell phone, car and house keys, a phone charger, and a bottle of water.
  • Cleaning supplies. Do not pack your cleaning supplies; instead, include them on your moving supplies list. You will want to clean wherever you are living prior to leaving, and you will want to deep-clean your new place prior to moving in.