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Our moving storage services near Lexington can take the stress out of your move by giving you a safe place to temporarily store items as needed.

Here at The Moving Squad, we offer a full range of moving services. We understand that every move and situation is unique, so we strive to make sure we have the services available that our customers might need. One of those possibilities is moving storage. There are many reasons you might need to combine moving storage with our other services, including the following:

Moving Storage in Lexington, South Carolina

  • Downsizing: If you are moving into a smaller residence, you may not want to get rid of a lot of things or maybe you want to take the time to go through items slowly but you don’t have room to store them at your new location.
  • Military relocations: These relocations sometimes occur without much warning, causing you to need storage sooner rather than later. We are always happy to help on short notice.
  • Temporary work assignments: If you are only living in Lexington temporarily, you may not want to unpack or store all your possessions in your current residence.
  • Outgrown residence: If you are waiting to move into a larger home or business, you may have excess items that require storage until you can complete the move.
  • In-between homes: Sometimes you need a place to store items while waiting on a closing and we can help.

Our moving storage facility near Lexington, South Carolina is a secure and safe place to keep your items for both short- and long-term storage. It is climate-controlled, meaning that you can be sure the temperature in your storage unit will be much milder than the temperature outside. It also prevents humidity from building up in your unit, avoiding problems with mold and mildew. We always do regular inspections of the property and use 24/7 video surveillance to keep an eye on things. Call today to learn more about our moving storage options.