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Decluttering Before the Cross-Country Movers Come

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The moving process is always a tricky and lengthy one. Many of us tend to accumulate more items than we intend to over time, and suddenly packing everything leads us to wonder how we got so much stuff! If you are going through the process of a cross-country move and have cross-country movers on the way, then we here at The Moving Squad want to help you through this process through decluttering. Decluttering beforehand can make unpacking much easier and more enjoyable. Here are a few places to start.

Decluttering Before the Cross-Country Movers Come

One of the first places you need to start is in the kitchen. So many of us start to collect trinkets and gadgets that we think will be helpful in the kitchen, when in reality, they end up stuck in the back of a drawer somewhere. Go through your kitchen and collect items that aren’t used, broken or aren’t used enough to justify keeping them. Then go through your plastic storage and discard any containers that don’t have a matching lid or container to go with them.

The next place to go is your closet. Like in the kitchen, we tend to collect items and then not realize when they aren’t used. Your process with your clothing will be like that of the process with your kitchen—sort through your belongings and get rid of clothes that aren’t being used. You’ll also want to toss anything that is torn, stained, or doesn’t fit any longer.

Finally, go through your home and get rid of anything that doesn’t work or that someone else could make better use of. Think books, knickknacks, furniture, etc. For more decluttering advice before cross-country movers come, give us a call today.